Yes there was a midday movie on today (Dear Prudence – sounds awful already) but the Oscars was also on, here are my predictions yes i know half of them have already been said but this is what i was thinking

Best Supporting Actor – Heath Ledger (Duh)

Best Supporting Actress – Viola Davis

Best Adapted Screenplay – Slumdog Millionaire (I only saw this movie out of the nominations haha)

Best Orginal Screenplay – Milk

Best Animated – Wall-E (lol what else seriously)

Best Director – David Fincher (tough one, was gonna choose danny boyle but i dunno i think Fincher will get it)

Best Actress – Kate Winslet (fucking hate this bitch but she will get it imo)

Best Actor – Sean Penn (<3) (also a tough one maybe Mickey Rourke will get it)

Best Picture – Slumdog Millionare (jus sayin’)

Best Midday Picture – ????????

no one cares about the others


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-bradford for forcing me to write more posts

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Here is my current TV reception whilst trying to watch todays midday movie… absolute balls.

At midday movie review we have finally signed up a new contributor to the site…timothy byrnes. timothy joins us in the search for the perfect midday movie… soz ladies hes not single.

as for myself editor-in-chief i will try to post a bit more often, i just love watching dr phil and ellen.

cya m8

edit: i spelt his name wrong lmao

Ming is a Entrepreneurial Film-maker with a passion for Channel Seven’s Midday Movie.

MIDDAY MOVIE REVIEW: Well first of all Ming, let me say that it’s an honor to be interviewing you today, i appreciate the time you took out of your midday movie and Oprah viewing schedule to sit down with me.

MING: No worries.

MIDDAY MOVIE REVIEW: I will start by asking the most important question everyone must be dying to ask you! What is your favorite midday movie of all time?

MING: Oh that’s a tricky one!

MING: I think i will go with… DROP DEAD GORGEOUS

MIDDAY MOVIE REVIEW: A fantastic choice!

MING: Thanks, it’s a great movie.

MIDDAY MOVIE REVIEW: It really is too bad that Kirstie Alley is a complete full blown crack whore.


MING: Is she?! I thought she was a Scientologist?


MING: I have no idea why i thought that.

MING: Well i remember she was fat, then she was in all those Jenny Craig ads.


MIDDAY MOVIE REVIEW: Fucking Jenny Craig, I will fight both of those stupid fat bitches… Now slim crack whores at the same time.

MIDDAY MOVIE REVIEW: Well Ming i need to wrap this up! The final questions are: Who is your fav midday movie actor/actress (original questions) and give us the plot to your own midday movie you are planning on releasing in 2009 (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MING (R) 2008)

MING: Fuck, I cannot think of an actor/actress…KEVIN BACON

MING: Plot: Okay this ‘wrong side of the tracks’ boy, is in love with this girl, who is popular and a goody two shoes. anyway she gets raped by her uncle.

MIDDAY MOVIE REVIEW: Is this set in Frankston?

MING: Yeah sure, why not! so anyway: The ‘wrong side of the tracks’ boy walks in and saves her…Then she’s in love with him BUT STILL TRAMUATISED by what happened with her uncle, she feels she needs to get revenge, so she and the boy set out to kill him.
They frame their high school teacher who had a gay love affair with her uncle. The police arrest him and the case goes to trial, but there is this one cop who doesn’t believe the high school teacher is guilty, and tries to figure out who the real culprit is.

The boy and girl get caught but run away, and no one ever finds them again.

SubPlot: The girls mum is fucking the cop!

MIDDAY MOVIE REVIEW: Ahhhhhhh!!!! Terrific Midday Movie! I give it 5 stars already!

MIDDAY MOVIE REVIEW: Well thats all we have time for today! Any Shoutouts?

MING: To Channel 7 for keeping the midday movie alive, and to my homegurl, oprah.

You can find Ming watching the Midday Movie on Channel Seven at 12pm Monday-thru-Friday


i’ve never been much for Elisha Cuthbert, nor any American Teen films. But another misleading TV Guide has brought me this Made for TV midday movie version of The Girl Next Door instead… well according to Wikipedia there are 7 movies named The Girl Next Door. It is obvious people cannot come up with better working titles for films such as Kiss From A Whopper.

I came in late to this film but i will be tough but fair: this movie is balls.

Song of the Day: Vitamin C – Graduation (Friends Forever)

Week Break


sozza guys i have too many eps of entourage and the office to catch up on.

tomorrow: an overview of of the brimbank council election (yeah the council which has sunshine which there was a shooting and someone dumped the body outside the hospital…oof)

yes this blog is turning into an incredibly bad channel 31 show.

all the best xoxo

What am I gonna do with the site:
– buy some hosting
– buy domain name (before someone else does!)
– get a better theme
– get some other people to review
– interviews with midday movie fanatics
– and a BIG SUPRISE!

no review today coz I had an exam, soz guys.

Fuck this episode of The Shak is the biggest ad for DreamWorld… Cunce



It appears that channel 7 have read and responded to my letter… To bring me this garbage.

seriously what the fuck? cross-dressing doctors, gtfo

fuck it, I’m watching The View